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Taster courses

The Careers Department receives quite a large a number of notices about taster days and courses, which aim to help students to gain information about potential career paths. In some cases, the courses are linked to the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the profession.

Of course, those who are motivated enough to attend a course are likely to be the most determined and committed applicants anyway - but nevertheless, these courses are worth considering.

These notices are sent to Sixth Form tutors, or check the Careers Library for details. Click the button below for details of Finance, Medical, Dental and Law taster courses from Careers MCS, and 'mock trials' at Debate Chamber.

Most universities offer taster courses at various times of year - it's worth looking out for these as they give you a chance to meet some of the lecturers, and also to see whether the subject and the university, or just the subject, will suit you.